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I Like to fish, always have and probably always will. Some of my fondest memories are all centered around fishing. Lakes, ponds, streams, oceans, you name it, I've dropped a line or two in them. Lost my share of hooks, sinkers, bobbers and a few ten dollar lures. We've all been there.

For now, this site is strictly a hobby. I would like to think that the information I'm posting here will be of benefit to those who visit. I used to think that "surfing the web" was kinda cool. That was of course until I really wanted to find something useful. Don't get me wrong, there's plenty of useful information out "there". More than you and I and the entire population of China could ever digest.

The difficult part is locating specific and accurate information while wading through pop-ups, pop-unders, enormously large photos, sound bytes and a myriad of other annoyances that prompt me to throw my hands in the air in frustration.

To each his own. It's true that on Bubba's Wrestling site I read about a homegrown technique for making "sand balls" for snapper fishing. I've used it ever since. But was it really necessary to wade through all that nonsense? You decide.

The goal of this site is to provide all the good stuff without all the "fluff". It's a work in progress. So sit back, relax and click like nobody's watching.

Your comments are always welcome. E-mail me.

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